Wed 11/5/2008 2:12 PM:

Comment:  "BREAKING NEWS" You did not win Tailgunner Dennis ! Now do the voters of this county a big favor...."Don't go away mad..Just go away" !!!! Or please..fade away !  Happy Voter

Answer:  Thanks for your mail, Happy Voter.  I'm glad that you got what you wanted.  I'm not mad at all about the outcome, because I believe that everyone is entitled to get what they want to choose.  You apparently got it, so good luck with your choice.

The only problem I still have is that the election laws have not yet been enforced, going on eight years now.  Four of us, who ran for the office, played by the rules of the "game," whereas one never did, your apparent choice, and no one has ever done anything about it that has mounted to anything more than a hill of pinto beans.  You see, Happy Voter, if I had won, then I would have had to drop my case completely.  A loss in the election is a win for me, and the taxpayers of our county.  My loss provides me with the "standing" to continue my case, which hopefully in the end will pin the "financial liability tail" where it belongs, in order to recoup the overwhelming unnecessary losses our county has experienced, as a result of an unqualified imposter's decisions, creating liability that should never have happened.  It is my opinion that there is some very sound legal reasoning to go after those who worked to keep this unqualified individual in office, for example, through unconstitutional amendments to State laws, in an attempt to cover-up Mr. Wenninger's lack of qualifications to be a valid candidate.  There have been many actions taken by several entities to cover-up a lot of things, mainly for political purposes.  It's like a big RICO case.  Anyway, my main goal, as a taxpayer, is to recoup all the money our county has lost by holding those behind the scenes responsible for all the losses created by their unqualified guy.  Those responsible know who they are.  Sooner or later my legal effort will end up saving all county taxpayers their hard earned tax money, returning it back to where it originally belonged for the right purposes.  It's just a matter of time.  Be patient.  The longer they continue to cover it up, the deeper they sink into feces. 

It's the law involved here that concerns me most.  You never have to worry about me running for office again, that's for sure!  Politics is doing more to destroy our nation than it helps, in my opinion.  But, nevertheless, don't count me completely out of the "game" just yet.  I still have to get Mr. Wenninger's qualifications reviewed by an entity with the authority to finally judge whether he was ever qualified to be a valid candidate or not.  That will proceed onward until that goal is finally achieved.  And if my analysis turns out to be correct, I will have done this county a BIG favor by upholding the law.  If my efforts fail, then the people and their courts will have spoken in your favor again, AND, the law will be settled on this matter.  Did you really think I could just let it all drop?  Think again.  I'll stick around though anyway, because I like the people we know, and our home here in Brown County.  Even though you may not think I am much of an asset to our community, my wife is, and she likes those she works with and her job. 

Thanks again for taking the time to write, Happy Voter.  [Maybe next time you write you will have the guts to disclose your identity.]

Wed 11/5/2008 2:57 PM:

Comment:  A fine effort. You are correct, Brown County spoke, and now they have what they deserve. It is a pleasure to have met you, and the vast majority of those I met while campaigning with, and for, you. I'm sure you agree with me in having no regrets.

I, for a moment, had some hope that Brown County could raise its' standards, but...

Chuck Krainz

Answer:  Thanks for the mail, Chuck, and thanks for all the unwavering, dedicated help along the way.  No regrets at all.  It was a learning experience, for sure.  A once-in-a-lifetime experience, not to be repeated.  Thanks again. 

Wed 11/5/2008 3:18 PM:

Comment:  ROCK ON DENNIS! As for Happy Voter, only a PANZY would submit comments like that and not give his name. Maybe it's D.W. himself, LMAO! Break out the TP, it's going to be another crappy ride these next four years.  J.H. 

Answer:  Thanks, J.H., for the input.  It "ain't" over until it is over! I expect the legal process to extend possibly into next year sometime.  After that, it will be over as far as I am concerned, once Mr. Wenninger's qualifications are truly "well vetted" by a forum that will actually look at and consider the information and issues.  That is something that has never been done since 2001.  I'll get it done one way or another.  Promise.   

Wed 11/5/2008 3:44 PM:

Comment:  Too bad you lost this round, the best round is yet to come! A "TKO"

Yer frend, Ken.

Best regards to You and Judi.

Answer:  Thanks, Ken.  Nice!  A technical [legal] knock out. 

Wed 11/5/2008 6:51 PM:

Comment:  Tailgunner Dennis, I sure will "Have the guts" to give you my name...when all of the Nameless supporters of YOURS on your website are disclosed. Whatcha say Tailgunner Dennis...want to make a deal !!!! You think you are so much smarter than everyone to the point you look like a [sic] idiot. Quit crying and get over it...The "Courts"..Law..and most important the voters of this county say he is the legal office holder !!! PERIOD ! What's next Tailgunner going to appeal to the UN. "HAPPY VOTER"

Answer:  Thanks again, Happy Voter.  You sound exactly like "cheap shot" Anonymous.  It's the law that counts, and vindication for all those individuals out there who play by the rules established in the law.  To allow "cheaters" to prosper, when everyone else legitimately earns their way through hard work, diligence, and determination, by not being lazy, is not the American way.  We'll see how it all ends "shortly," possibly with Captain Don Newman as our new sheriff in the coming year.  We'll see who cries and stomps their feet at that time.  Promise.  Be patient.  We'll see how "happy" you are after the "normal course of the law" has ended Dwayne, oops, I mean" Happy Voter. 

Thu 11/6/2008 2:42 AM:

Comment:  Mr. Varnau,

One thing is clear, we need free eye-screenings for 11,952 Brown County Residents. They are obviously blind, or have some sort of vision problem. Maybe we can work on a free vision clinic for each town/township.

I still don't quite understand it. Both Cpt. Newman in the primary and yourself did not win ONE polling place. I have talked to at least 100 people, all who have supported you, and their friends/family did as such. In all the other races, some candidates won some polling places.

In conclusion, the blanket mutual aid agreement will not be re-enacted. The same ol' same ol' will still keep going on. Village units will be told they can't respond. Life Squad units will be told no one is responding to help them and to leave confused people standing next to the highway. Lawsuits will continue to be filed against the sheriff's office--and successfully won at our expense. Dwayne will still be barring people from the Sheriff's Dept, and cursing anyone who disagrees with him, even with knowledge they are taping him.

I sure do hope these 11,952 people feel proud of that, esp. if they are one of the ones woke up from bed hearing someone break in their house, and a town cop can respond in 5 minutes, and they are forced to wait 30 minutes for a SO Unit in hiding from a intruder, OR, if their loved one goes into cardiac arrest, and a town cop is sittin' at their corporation limit with a lifesaving piece of equipment, only to have 1)a delay in the town unit responding because of them having to wait to be told to respond by the So 2) the town unit be told they can't respond. One thing is sure, 7,041 people do recognize this, and each and every one of us should be proud of our decision to vote and stand with you.

May your law-suit proceed against Dwayne Wenninger and may you be able to shine the light on the truth. Our county needs you.


Answer:  Thank you for the mail, George.  I'm not a "quitter," and I am one who thinks the laws of our state HAVE to be equally enforced across the board to all, not because of WHO they are, but because of WHAT they did, exactly like Jessica Little said in her successful campaign.  I would write more, but I have to drive up to Lebanon, OH, to pick up the first salvo to be fired, in a filing this afternoon of a Motion to Reconsider the October 29th Appeals Court decision that is in conflict with the September 19th Ohio Supreme Court decision.  That's the "starter" in this continuing process.  I'll post it on the "Breaking News" page as soon as I have a file-stamped copy.  There are also others who have participated in this matter whose work product needs some "vindication" as well.  When something is not right, and you know it, there is a DUTY to act, particularly while everyone else just stands around gawking, allowing the system to be snubbed and mocked openly.  Not good. 

Thu 11/6/2008 6:20 AM:
Comment:  My hat is off to you Sir!  You ran a clean campaign that was self financed and continue to shine a bright spot light on the fact that the sheriff is not qualified.

As I have stated often in discussion with you I am a hard core conservative republican.  Yet I chose to vote for and support you.  I thank you and your wife for your service to our country as well as our county.

I hope the spotlight we have placed on the Sheriff at least convinces him to work a standard work week.  The current Sheriff joined an organization that I am a member of.  I am interested to see if he attends any meetings now that he doesn’t need the votes.  Keep the train in motion! 


Answer:  Thanks again, Mike.  Too many people supported me who were concerned about the significant issue of Mr. Wenninger's qualifications.  I solely have the standing and ability to follow-up on this issue.  I can't let all those individuals down now by just bailing out on this underlying problem facing our county.  Too many lives have already been lost without comprehensive cooperation, too much taxpayer money foolishly wasted due to lack of experience, too many laws broken for lack of knowledge of the law, etc., for me to abandon ship now.   Those are just some of the reasons why I ran, and that is why most backed my candidacy.  I will follow through on what I say I'm going to do until a genuine, comprehensive "vetting" of Mr. Wenninger's qualifications is completed and settled. 

Thu 11/6/2008 11:28 AM:

Comment:  Congratulations for the effort you and your family and supporters put in over the recent election season.

As proof of "more of the same"- Personally saw Sheriff Wenninger at 8:00 a.m. this morning on SR 125 at Russellville Winchester Road in jeans and a sweat-shirt in his black pick-up truck picking up his yard signs. Nice to know that his dedication to duty continues unabated. But then I guess he could have taken a vacation day, or probably adjusted his schedule, so as not to cheat the tax payers of Brown County right?

You actually did him a favor in that now when anyone complains about the S.O. generally or about him personally, all he has to say is "you had your chance".

The voters have truly spoken and no one should complain now about things that are and are not happening in the Sheriff's Office.

It reminds me of an abused woman who keeps going back to her abuser.............

Dennis- take care of yourself and your family and good health and fortune to you both.


Answer:  Thanks a lot, Matt. 

Thu 11/6/2008 11:40 AM:

Comment:  Dennis I just want to say that I am very sorry that you didn't win this election. You got more votes than anyone has against Wenninger so if we are lucky, this will make him realize that people are tired of his lack of effort.

Hopefully the court case works out and we can finally get justice in our county. You let anyone know that if they need me to give any depositions on the things I know about Wenninger, I am there with bells on.

Now something struck me as funny. You were called tailgunner a couple emails ago, and I didn't know what that meant so I looked it up. Not only does HAPPY VOTER not know how to construct a proper sentence or when to use "a" or "an," he also doesn't realize that he just paid you a compliment. The word tailgunner means the following:

"A tail gunner or rear gunner is a crewman on a military aircraft who functions as a gunner defending against enemy fighter attacks from the rear, or "tail", of the plane. The tail gunner operates a flexible machine gun emplacement on either the top or tail end of the aircraft with a generally unobstructed view toward the rear of the aircraft. While the term tail gunner is usually associated with a crewman inside a gun turret, tail gun armaments may also be operated by remote control from another part of the aircraft."

Keep up the good work by keeping the people in this county informed and watching out for our rearends Tailgunner Dennis!

Kristy Wathen

Answer:  Thanks, Kristy.  The election on November 4th is completed.  That is not the "end."  My protest to the  Board of Elections should have been considered months ago, and if it had been considered, I would have been unopposed in the election on Tuesday.  Everyone knows that Mr. Wenninger, ["Mister" because he is a civilian at this time too, no matter what the outcome of that election was on Tuesday], was never even qualified to be a candidate back in 2001.  This "decaying dead albatross" hanging around his neck will not disappear automatically.  Mr. Wenninger will have to be legally "VETTED" before it will go away, or by having him "go away," if it turns out that what I am saying is true.  No matter how many times Mr. Wenninger said in his campaign ads that he holds a valid OPOTA certificate that has been "well-vetted," it hasn't been looked at yet in depth over eight years, but it will be by the time I get through, one way or another. 

Ohio Supreme Court case law clearly states that if a person is not qualified, but nevertheless gets elected, that's okay, as long as the electee rectifies his disqualification immediately upon assuming the position, otherwise the electee FORFEITS the seat, in other words, the seat is legally vacated even though Mr. Wenninger continued to physically sit in that seat.  So, if Mr. Wenninger was not legally in the position, then he could not "legally" appoint himself with OPOTC as being the Sheriff.  Thus, under the administrative law for OPOTC regulations, he started a break in service on his OPOTA police certificate on January 1, 2001, and four years later, January 1 2005, his OPOTA certificate completely expired, to the point where he would have to re-take the whole police academy all over again, and would have had to graduate prior to the, March 4th, 2008, primary in order to be a valid candidate for sheriff at that time, as required under ORC 311.01(B)(8)(a) & (b).  Mr. Wenninger was a "civilian," legally-speaking, two days before he assumed his second-term seat.  He has been impersonating a police officer ever since.  Any arrests he makes exposes himself to personal liability, and will most certainly cause any defendant to be immediately released once that fact is determined.  Somebody has to do something about this situation sooner or later.  That is what my court efforts are all about, seeing as how everyone with any local authority to do something seems to be "hamstrung" from doing anything about it. 

So why hasn't anything been done over the last eight years?  Good question.  The legal climate or condition in the county right now is a direct reflection of how well the prosecuting attorney is doing, has done, his job.  It is my opinion, that "Tommy," [an alleged amorous name] a.k.a., Thomas Grennan, Brown County Prosecutor, has treated some animals differently than others, solely based upon who they are, and not what they have done. Things will change shortly after a new prosecutor is installed, January 2009. 

Somehow, some way, this matter has to get into an authoritative legal forum where it will be seriously looked at sooner or later.  My filing today will get looked at by the 12th District Court of Appeals, and then either remanded back to the common pleas court, or the 12th District Court will grant the writ, or I will have to appeal its decision to the Ohio Supreme Court.  There is one high-integrity judge voted in to be on 12th District Court of Appeals, Judge Ringland, who just happens to have been the trial judge on the criminal case, concerning Mr. Wenninger's indictment for falsification of election documentation.  It was Judge Ringland who told Mr. Wenninger that the State had made its case with respect to Mr. Wenninger's lack of qualifications to be a valid candidate for sheriff, but that the question of whether or not Mr. Wenninger "knowingly" falsified his nominating petition had to go to the jury for a decision of guilty or innocent, which outcome had no bearing whatsoever on Mr. Wenninger's credentials to be a valid candidate for sheriff - he didn't have them, and still doesn't.  The very last court in the line of succession for this matter is the U.S. Supreme Court.  And, since it is a case of first impression in the country, I'd take it there too, if I have to do so. 

If my legal analysis is correct, and Mr. Wenninger is the "civilian" I claim him to be, and he is invalidated as a candidate on the November 4th ballot, then there will be a special election to pick the new sheriff.  Don Newman and myself would most certainly be on the ballot in that election.  Don would have a better chance than I, because I, as an independent, understand a lot of people used their "sample ballot" lists to guide their voting on Tuesday.  I was wondering why if there were about 40,000 voters [40K was pointed out to me as an error/misstatement and corrected below in another post], and only approximately 19,000 voted for the Sheriff race, what happened to the others?  Why didn't they vote in the Sheriff race?  It was told to me, by a strong Republican supporter at Lake Loreli, that he was doing exit-polling, asking fellow Republicans if they voted for Varnau for Sheriff.  They asked him, "Was he on this list [the sample Republican ballot]?  [Obviously not as an independent.]  Then they realized they had voted for the "wrong" person.  Too late.  Same would apply to Democrat voters who used "sample ballots" to do their voting.  They would not have seen any candidate for Sheriff on their "cheat sheet," and thus probably would not have voted for a sheriff candidate.  This is one plausible explanation for why I was not even able to secure the Lake Loreli precinct.  Doesn't matter really.  It's the law is what matters most.  And sooner or later it will have to be upheld, or we're all in big trouble as a nation when the law is not supreme over politics, etc. 

Thu 11/6/2008 1:52 PM:

Comment:  Sometimes when the truth is told, people refuse to accept it. That guy who keeps calling you "tailgunner" is a serious jerk. If it is the guy who won, he's thumbing his nose at the people of Brown County.  Chuck

Answer:  Thanks, Chuck.  Eventually the truth will be known to all.  I could be wrong, but believe I'm right.  We'll see soon. 

Thu 11/6/2008 3:22 PM:

Comment:  You really put it all out there. Good job! Good luck with the courts, I hope that works out. If not I hope someone that has as much enthusiasm and drive as you had in this race runs.

Good Luck.  TW

Answer:  Thanks, TW, but I'm not done yet. 

Thu 11/6/2008 6:43 PM:

Comment:  Dear Tailgunner Dennis,
As usual you have it wrong again SMART GUY. The only "Cheap Shot" this election was you. Now once again Tailgunner Dennis..will you post "ALL" your Anonymous "PANZY" supporters on your website like our friend "J.H." talked about ????? Or is it just a one way [sic] street for you ? If you do I promise you will have my FULL name and we can meet and discuss World events...Whatcha say Tailgunner.....Oh...tell everyone what I mean about tailgunner Dennis..because we both know you do not post all your incoming mail that tells the truth...RIGHT DENNIS ?? The Sheriff (Elected Sheriff 3X) has no idea about our little chats because he is a better person than you. I dislike your kind tailgunner...You think your education is better ?? Your [sic] a child tailgunner. So post this and this time tailgunner Dennis answer all of the above !!!!!!! Now put me to sleep with a three page [sic] rant Tailgunner !!!!YAWN !

Happy Voter

Answer:  Thanks again, Happy Voter, for your mail.  I'm speechless!  I have to tell you right now, I'm way too "stupid" to discuss World events with you.  That is painfully obvious.  Sorry about that!  Actually I think I need a little more education, than what I have already wasted my time getting, before I can discuss World events with someone of such intellectual caliber as yourself.  I'm definitely not a match for you!  I'd be defeated before I even got to the "starting block."  Wish I had the time to "rant" more about this letter of yours, but I need to get some sleep too.  Tell me what you mean by "tail gunner?"  I'll post it for you.  Thanks again, Happy. 

Thu 11/6/2008 7:10 PM:

Comment:  Dennis, I agree with George. Free eye screening for 7,041 voters in this county.  Anonymous

Answer:  Thanks, Anonymous. 

Thu 11/6/2008 7:27 PM:

Comment:  Dennis,

Just thought I'd attempt to clear up one matter.  There weren't 40,000 voters, there were 40,413 ballots cast.   These aren't the same.  From the Board of Elections web page:

                                            VOTES PERCENT

           PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 35) .  .  .  .  .        35  100.00
           REGISTERED VOTERS - TOTAL .  .  .  .  .     28,451
           BALLOTS CAST - GRAND TOTAL.  .  .  .  .    40,413
           BALLOTS CAST - PAGE 1  .  .  .  .  .  .          19,910
           BALLOTS CAST - PAGE 2  .  .  .  .  .  .          19,899
           BALLOTS CAST - PAGE 3  .  .  .  .  .  .               604
           VOTER TURNOUT - GRAND TOTAL  .  .  .  .
           VOTER TURNOUT - PAGE 1 .  .  .  .  .  .             69.98
           VOTER TURNOUT - PAGE 2 .  .  .  .  .  .             69.94
           VOTER TURNOUT - PAGE 3 .  .  .  .  .  .              2.12

My guess is that each page counted as a ballot.  I personally had two pages, and from the info above, it looks like some had 3 (levies, special elections?).  After I had put both sheets into the voting machine, I noticed that the ballot cast went up by 2. 

So instead of 21000 people not voting for sheriff, only about 900 didn't vote in the sheriff race.  Most races have similar totals.

I didn't want anyone to start taking 40000 votes, and start to wonder why every race only had 19000 voters.  There's enough potential for voter abuse to not add another scenario that could be construed as a conspiracy.

David Little

Answer:  Thanks Dave, for the correction.  I was in a hurry to get those posts up before I left to get that Motion to Reconsider.  I was wrong in my post on that.  It makes even more sense now.  18,993 votes cast in the Sheriff's election, out of about 20,000 approximately.  I'm surprised that "Happy Voter" did not correct me on that one before you did!  What's the world coming to?  A computer programmer found the error before "Happy Voter!"  Wonders never cease!  You've TOO much education Dave!  If you haven't learned by now from "Happy Voter's" posts, education is a "debilitating" asset, to be avoided at all costs, if possible.  The less you have, the more qualified you are, at least for sheriff.  If you don't have the minimum required, then you have to find a state representative who can engineer an amendment to lower the educational standards, specifically for your unique situation, to make it look like you qualify, after the fact.  Politics at its finest! 

Fri 11/7/2008 9:52 AM:

Comment:  If "Happy Voter" is so profoundly disgusted with you and your website, why does he keep surfing in? Its like he can't get over himself! Sounds like one of our elected officials (or one of his disciples).


Answer:  Thanks, Joe.  HUMINT is so helpful.  "Deep cover" information comes in almost daily from those who can "read the handwriting on the wall."  We'll see how "Happy" he is in a few months after keeping up with this website.  It's free access anyway. 

Fri 11/7/2008 10:43 AM:

Comment:  My, my, my. You have yourself a fan club Dennis. I mean, I have heard of a sore loser, but a sore winner? I needed a good laugh for today. Oh, and I also used a well documented source for the term tailgunner instead of Wikipedia this time. Surprisingly, tailgunner isn't in the dictionary, so.... that means we can make up meanings for words when we see fit. Therefore, HAPPY VOTER = "Varnau for sheriff" supporter. Sorry, just had to go there.

I think it is hilarious that you think Duh-wayne hasn't read your little "chats" because he is a better person.  Little secret for you, Duh-wayne probably doesn't read this site because the words are a bit too big for him to understand. There's some honesty.

I have to say that I have known Dennis personally for over 3 years now and he is one of the best people I have ever met. Dennis and Judi are more like family to me than my own family. Since HAPPY VOTER (HV) is wanting to become part of our supporter family by continuing to read and comment on this website, I can only assume that he is addicted to you Dennis. He just can't go thru his day without talking to you. I find that endearing. Although, I must say, he worked on his sentence structure a little. Still not quite right, but we don't judge here. I am really glad that HV is so happy about Duh-wayne getting re-elected, because I am sure that some, if not most, of his employees aren't. You see, HV, you want to come here and say what a great person you are; well I find that hard to believe seeing as how you support a man who demotes his employees for being sick, doesn't even bother to show up for a full day's work after the election, and decides to take this county's tax dollars to collect his signs, which were illegally placed in some areas.

So I have to assume you, being so smart in Worldly matters, know the old saying that "if you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas," or how about "birds of a feather flock together." Sounds like you need a flea bath HV. You are hereby disowned from this family. But, feel free to keep coming back to post more of your pointless rants.  In this day and age, we need fools to keep us happy! Oh, and I won't be as humble as Dennis was. I would love to debate World views with you as I am sure on a 3rd grade level you have a lot to share with us adults. Dennis has permission to give you my email address, but I am guessing you won't email me because then we will know who you are, although I think we already do.


Answer:  Thanks for your mail, Kristy.  I was accused of being "negative" prior to the election.  I was only telling the truth.  Imagine if the WHOLE truth eventually is exposed.  Will "negatives" then become "positives?"   Ha! 

Fri 11/7/2008 5:35 PM:

Comment:  I'm sure this fight is getting tiresome for you as well as your wife. I still stand behind you and I pray that all of this BS will come to and end soon for you as well as for the citizens of Brown County. I spotted D.W. on Thursday, 11-5-08. he was standing on the corner of Plum and Main in jeans and dark Grey shirt. He looked like he was working hard for the citizens that voted for him. I swear Happy Voter is D.W., just a gut feeling.

Thanks for standing up Dennis.  J.H.

Answer:  Thanks again, J.H.  Tiresome?  Not really.  The longer it goes on, the more determined I get to find someone who will uphold the law, or at least consider the arguments and come up with a final decision.  I know there are some who still support what I am doing, but I'd do it anyway if it were just me, because I find it totally unacceptable to allow my tax money to be wasted, by an unqualified person holding office illegally, for no legitimate reason.  Last time I heard, it was over $600K Mr. Wenninger had cumulatively lost in judgments against the county due to his inexperience that ended up in legal action against the Sheriff's Office and him personally.  I suppose most taxpayers in this county, at least about 12,000 of them don't really care about it.  We still do. 

Fri 11/7/2008 6:43 PM:

Comment:  The case should be nothing but a "slam dunk" - either a person meets the minimal qualifications or they don't. It seems too simple to be such a struggle - I won't wish you good luck - I only wish justice for all the citizens of Brown County.


Answer:  I'm convinced that politics is what has trumped my case thus far, Joe. Someone in the hierarchy of the Brown County Republican Party allegedly said, "He'll [Varnau] never get his case through "OUR" courts" - meaning, "OUR Republican-dominated" courts.  Don't statements like that, if true, disturb anyone else besides me about the potential for genuine justice, under the law, in our court system, if not being a registered Republican?   I would think that every real American Democrat, Independent, and  honest Republican, would take offense to that kind of a statement.  Surely any judge on the bench, in the courts he was supposedly referring to, would also take offense to that statement. 

I too believe it is a "slam dunk" if I can ever get a court of competent jurisdiction to objectively consider it!  I'm afraid "Happy Voter" will be one "Unhappy Voter" once that happens.  He'll probably scurry for the nearest mossy rock for cover, if the outcome coincides with the black letter statute and case law. 

Fri 11/7/2008 8:28 PM:

Comment:  Dear Tailgunner Dennis, Well..I will ask you for a "THIRD" time! Will you post ALL your Anonymous supporters names on your website, including the initial PANZY'S ? ? ? Since your [sic] worried about who I am and you believe in a one way [sic] street that favors you I thought I would make the offer AGAIN ! Come on Tailgunner..have some guts !  Happy Voter

Answer:  Keep it coming, Happy Voter.  I'll post it for you.  Actually, I could care less about your identity.  That does not really matter to me in the slightest.  I know pretty much about you from the content of your mail, and that you are supposedly closely connected to Mr. Wenninger, unless you are lying about your relationship with your buddy. 

I know individuals, like the UDF lady, that have legitimate reasons why they don't want their names published, because the threat of retaliation by Mr. Wenninger is GENUINELY real to them, as evidenced by his actions and words.  Six-year statute of limitations on that potential fourth degree felony action taken by Mr. Wenninger on the UDF lady.  Same for the RSP on the stolen $1100 Sony TV from a known felon in Clermont and Brown Counties, admitted to by Mr. Wenninger in The News Democrat, yet nothing done by the prosecutor.  Why?  Others have served prison time for much less.  And that's "OUR" "sheriff," who should be held to the highest standard over all other county citizens???  It's supposed to be, not who YOU are, but what YOU did, when it comes to administration of the law.  I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one left in Brown County who cares about these illegal actions by "OUR" "sheriff."  It's like the Kentucky State Police detective said to Kristy and I while working a case a couple of years back: "Why, this is like the Wild West up here!" 

Only someone with a narcissistic, Gestapo-like personality would be wanting to know who wrote something that rubbed him where it "hits" home.  My "guts" will be evidenced by my tenacity and resolve to see my case through to the end.  Have patience.  Mr. Wenninger will have to, sooner or later, fess up to a court of law.  We'll see who has the "guts" at that time.  I already know Mr. Wenninger doesn't have the "guts," integrity, or honesty, to play by the rules, but instead feels perfectly comfortable cheating, while others faithfully played by the established rules.  The Republican Party has obviously sanctioned Mr. Wenninger's conduct for almost eight full years now, with another potential four more years of the same ahead.  It's no wonder Republicans got decisively trounced in this election.  People are fed up with the law being enforced unequally - enforced more often on those "unconnected" and unable to defend themselves from false or unfounded charges. 

Sat 11/8/2008 9:35 AM:

Comment:  It is disturbing that these things don't seem to bother people.  It concerns me, I can tell you that.  The law is the law, and is for everyone; or at least it's supposed to be.  This appears to be a real problem in our society.  Do people not want the TRUTH?  How times have changed, no wonder we see the problems we have today.  What ever happened to the old saying "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"?   Don

Answer:  Thanks, Don.  I agree.  Whatever happened to it?  It's VANISHED!  "Truth and Justice" are now diametrically opposed to the "American Way."  

Sun 11/9/2008 5:19 PM:

Comment/Question:  Tailgunner Dennis, YAWN !! The "UDF" lady is NOT the only anonymous supporter on your ragged website. You can not handle the heat of your own medicine. Any one who does not totally agree with your paranoid and stupid baseless belief' attack them. Now that's gutless. Speaking of the "UDF" lady..and the GESTAPO tactic's you used recording her...Who all heard the recording ? Where did you take the recording to ??? HMMM. If anyone is NARCISSISTIC Dennis...It's you. Just read your own rants on this website. You have NEVER been able to name, substantiate any of your (STUPID & PETTY) claims ...such as "Tractor Oil Drained". That and other baseless smears of yours just make you look uncreditable [sic] and frankly just plain childish. The voters of this county have spoken.....Now live with it my childish boy !  Happy Voter

Answer:  I see you just woke up again, Happy Voter.  Thanks again for your input.  The voters may have spoken, but I seriously doubt the majority of voters are aware of what will eventually be front-page news in Brown County, once my case is properly addressed in court.  We'll see who the voters select in a special election after Mr. Wenninger's lack of qualifications to be a candidate have been ferreted out properly by a court of competent jurisdiction.  Stick around, Happy.  We'll see how happy you are at the end of this slow process.

Mon 11/10/2008 12:28 PM:

Comment:  Sorry you lost. We really needed a change here in Brown County. I did not know this site would still be working. I had your sign in my yard and supported you the whole election. I have family that was not very pleased with me as they work for Dwayne W. I was a Bob Rickey supporter up till the last week before the election. Bob filled a large paragraph addressing a "rumor" in the last News Democrat. I had not heard the "rumor" till then. After reading his take on the issue it was obvious Bob was not being truthful. We do not need another dishonest double-talking politician.

I consider Bob a good guy and a friend. I had to vote Little after he exposed himself as a big liar. I hope Little does a good job, as I did not want to vote for any Republicans this time. I just could not bring myself to back another liar. I voted for Dwayne in 04 just because I knew him and had never heard of his opponent. I am trying to be more informed when voting from now on. It is hard to find who a candidate really is anymore. I thank you for being honest with us this past year. I feel as if my vote cast for you was the most informed vote I ever cast.

Dwayne has been here most of his life but we know less about him than we learned about you this past year. My cousin said your accusations were false. I just laugh and tell him if true why is Dwayne hanging onto his SEALED court case. Thanks for a clean, open and fair race. Maybe the truth will win in the end. We saw Bob Rickey lose an election because of a lie.

Thanks again Larry

Answer:  Thanks for your mail, Larry.  Also thanks for your unwavering support.  Don't feel bad about the loss, because actually a loss is better than a win at this point in the process.  That may be somewhat confusing, but complete exposure of Mr. Wenninger's lack of qualifications to be a valid candidate could only happen with more court hearings.  The more hearings the better in that sense.  It may take some time, but time will not stop what eventually will happen.  It is too late for Mr. Wenninger to go back and correct the deficiencies that exist in his past to clear himself of his present status as that of a civilian.  That aspect is "set in stone," so to speak.  There is nothing Happy Voter, or anyone else can do to correct the inevitable. They can only look forward to becoming unhappy voters in the end. 

I first heard of the rumor being spread about Grennan working for Rickey from a fellow officer who was at the prosecutor's office and Common Pleas Court one morning. He called me up after getting home to tell me about it.  It all made perfect sense to me, considering everything I had already known from my time in the prosecutor's office.  Almost immediately, one "busybody" accused me of being the one to start the rumor, when it was probably Grennan who "leaked" it to someone in his office, thinking working for Rickey would be a way to retain specific personnel Grennan preferred in his office.  I wish I could have taken credit for that one myself after hearing it.  Nevertheless, I think the way Rickey responded in the newspaper and at meetings, that really did some irreparable damage to his campaign.  What I heard most about Bob was his lack of wanting to do many things during his campaign.  A few of Bob's supporters, after the election, were saying that he ran a lackluster campaign and was too lazy to really get out there and get to be known around the county. 

Mon 11/10/2008 7:10 PM:

Comment/Question:  Tailgunner Dennis, As always (No Surprise)you never answer a question put to you. Everyone knows due to your NARCISSISTIC personality your [sic] so much smarter and MORE deserving than anyone with a Robotic's degree. But...are you mentally able to read a question put to you and answer it ? Without mentioning the Sheriff ONCE ? You want answers from him but you can never answer one yourself ! So please..answer my previous questions. And If Kristy cannot figure out "Tailgunner"..tell her to add Joe to the end of it. Because we both know you do not post ALL your incoming emails...don't we Dennis ? And I would REALLY like to know who else my [sic] heard your now famous recording at the UDF !!! Interfering in a investigation is a BIG no no Tailgunner !

Answer:  Thanks, Happy.  It's good to see you have had enough sleep this time when writing.  Of course, you must know by now, there are no surprises in store about your buddy's lack of qualifications.  EVERYBODY knows he was never qualified.  It's no secret or surprise.  The "Robotic's Degree" possessed by your buddy did not satisfy the (9)(b) requirement of Ohio Revised Code Section 311.01(B) back in 2001, where the degree had to be from a Board of Regents approved school.  Since he did not possess the proper requirements to be a valid candidate, and since he did not rectify the disqualification, by obtaining the requisite educational credentials required in (9)(b), immediately upon assuming the office, he automatically forfeited the seat.  That's "forfeited," as in "VACATED," legally-speaking.  Thus, he was NOT legally the sheriff; NEVER has been; NEVER will be!  He's the sheriff that never was, but thinks he is, while others have actively covered up this fact, taking deliberate, intentional steps to keep the truth from the public, to the financial detriment of the taxpayers of our county.  That fact needs to be litigated sooner or later, so the money lost, as a result of your buddy's unqualified incompetence, can be recouped from all those directly involved in facilitating its loss. 

None of this has anything to do with my educational credentials in any way whatsoever.  It has nothing to do with the names of my supporters or those harassed during the election campaign.  It has nothing to do with my mental abilities, or anything else concerning me at all.  The only thing that involves me in this matter is the fact that I was qualified to be a valid candidate, and could acquire the standing to do what needs to be done.  I will not stop until your buddy's credentials have been thoroughly reviewed.  They have NEVER been looked at yet, even though he claimed such in his campaign ads as being "well-vetted."  Eventually this will happen.  It may take some time, but I am prepared to stick with it until that happens.  Sooner or later there will be front-page news hitting the newspapers that you, Happy, will not want to be reading.  It may even be national news, because what has happened here in Brown County, Ohio, over the last eight years, has never happened anywhere else in our country, EVER

Too bad, Happy.  This is not about me at all.  This is all about cheating, lying, cover-up, etc., by your buddy and his friends.  Such has to definitely be disclosed in a BIG way, like say, a national news outlet or report, to shine a bright spotlight on it all,.   The longer the courts procrastinate, the bigger it will be news-wise.  It is imperative every county taxpayer understands how they have been ripped off over the last eight years by your buddy and those who have engineered and helped to continue this fraud, bilking the people of our county. 

I can do!  Stick around, Happy.  Maybe you will be the first able to tell your buddy the bad news, soon after I receive it, and get it posted.  Hang in there now. Don't be discouraged.  This may take a while.  Be patient.  I am.  "Don't Worry, Be 'Happy.'" 

Mon 11/10/2008 10:07 PM:

Comment/Question:  Dear Dennis,
I am rather pleased that you were unable to beat Sheriff Wenninger. Even those Brown County residents who do not agree with all of Dwayne's decisions could see that you in fact are not qualified or suited for that office. I wish Dwayne the best of luck and wish that you would fade away from the Brown County area. I guess we can't all get what we wish for, eh?

I would also like to let you know that I am a supporter of Robert Rickey and I feel quite strongly that you did everything in your power to undermine Bob's campaign. The rumors regarding his hiring Mr. Grennan were unfounded and after speaking to him myself were absolutely incorrect! Another writer described Bob as running a lack-luster campaign and was not out in the county enough. Well, if being out in the county requires him to stand on street corners waving signs in the manner of Domino's pizza boy......good for him. If being out in the county requires him to scream some slogan like 15 yr old Jr High CheerleaderS during all county parades.....Bravo Bob!! The prosecutor's office is one that should be the true epitomy [sic] of a Law Office, not some conglomeration of misfits from all the counties surrounding ours. I know for a fact that Bob and his family worked hard on his campaign, but find true relief knowing that the microscopes have been put away and they no longer need to feel like everyone is watching every word and every move they make. Bob has a family who comes first in his job could ever take prescedence [sic] over that family.

Oh, before I go......when do you think Jessie will announce that Steve Purtell from Adams County will be working in the Prosecutor's offfice [sic]? Oh, and I wonder where you may fit into that office as well, Dennis?

Yours Truly,
Free Speech

Answer:  Thanks for your views, Free Speech.  If my court case ends up successful, and I win a special election, at least then you won't have to worry about possibly dying of a heart attack, if you are outside a municipal corporation limit, and become another statistic because of a non-responding deputy sheriff, as a result of your pick for "sheriff."  But that's your free choice to make. 

I wrote that about a "lackluster" campaign.  That is what one Rickey supporter complained about  to me.  It's your right to support Mr. Rickey, the same as it was my right to support Jessica Little.  A prosecutor has to be completely independent, not part of a good old boys' network, and not "hamstrung" by something being held over his/her head, to do the job fairly, etc.  Jessica Little was the best candidate for the position, and will be an excellent prosecutor. 

From your perspective and views, feel free to add another "misfit" to the new prosecutor's office.  It would be an honor to work for Mrs. Little in her office, and I will do so as soon as my court case has come to an end, if Don Newman wins a special election.  That may take some time, however, as the wheels of justice turn very slow.  Nevertheless, sooner or later the "sheriff's" qualifications will be scrutinized to the point where there will be no questions left unanswered.  The taxpayers will then know that their tax dollars were not illegally wasted by the decisions of an unqualified candidate, but were, in fact, made by a genuine qualified sheriff.

Mon 11/10/2008 10:20 PM:

Comment/Questions:  Tailgunner Dennis, LOL !You made my point for me again..LOL ! To save your own could never answer a question "PUT TO YOU"..about YOU. Is there any question you can answer AT ALL with out bringing Wenninger into it ? It's like you have a sick obsecion [sic] over him. But...we know how much smarter you are than Judges, BOE, Voters, etc. Wich [sic] also proves another point about have a NARCISSISTIC personality. You know Tailgunner Dennis...your [sic] a spoiled child who couldn't buy him a badge....OHHHHH poor baby. Rant on Tailgunner....getting a [sic] answer to a simple question from you is impossible ! IF you can't answer TUFF questions about yourself need to stay out of politic's [sic]. Now..AGAIN !!!! answer the previous questions..(Don't forget to turn it to D.W.)  Happy Voter

Answer:  Thanks again, Happy.  There are two things that Maverick-lovers constantly worry about: 1.) Varnau; and, 2.) breaking a hip.  My Incoming Mail pages have come full-circle with page one, first post.  Deep-cover provides unsolicited answers again from within the Matrix. 

Tue 11/11/2008 10:20 AM:

Comment/Question:  Free Speech doesn't have a clue. Bob Rickey lost the election himself. I too read the last story on the prosecutor race in the paper. Most people knew nothing of the "rumor" before he brought it up. The paragraph about it was longer than the one about his plans for the job. I heard many people changed their decision not to vote for Bob after reading it. If Dennis was able to reach that many people, why are so many residents unaware of DW's lack of qualifications. Truth and fact won over lies and deception in the prosecutor's race. We all hope truth and fact will win in the Sheriff race as well.

Free Speech asked Bob about what he calls the "rumor".  Free Speech, ask DW about his case, he has a way to prove Dennis wrong.
Hey, Free Speech, DW and everyone else involved know Dennis is right. If what Dennis alleges is unfounded, why would someone spend money for a lawyer?  If I was DW, and knew that I was right, I would go into court pro se, open my sealed court case, and dismiss all these allegations.


Answer:  Thanks again for your input, Scott.  Sheriff Telb up in Toledo told me months ago that no matter what happened, it would all be my fault in the end.  He was pretty much right on point. 

If Dwayne ever unsealed his case, everyone would see in black and white what Judge Ringland said in court.  No need to worry though, because Dwayne will never voluntarily open up that sealed case.  But, once it gets to the Supreme Court, they will have access to it no matter what Dwayne has to say about it at that time. 

"Misfits" from other counties?  What about APA Mary McMullen and APA Michelle Gregory?  Are they misfits too from other counties?  I think not!  Actually, people not directly connected to the good old boys network in this county would most likely not be readily influenced by local politics, and would hold for the rule of law over politics, cronyism, etc. 

Tue 11/11/2008 12:15 PM:

Question:  You state that you will go to work for Jessica Little as soon as your court case is settled and if Don Newman wins the sheriff's job. Do you have any indication that the newly-elected prosecutor would want you in her office?  Anonymous

Answer:  Yes. 

Tue 11/11/2008 3:58 PM:

Comment/Question:  I appreciate you keeping this website open, even if, many of our 'happy idiot's are writing in. Could you possibly forewarn us as to the content of their rants so we won't have to waste our time reading their ill-conceived and caustic remarks while gloating over their hard won continuation of a crime.
I don't have much of a stomach for censoring, so possibly if an E-mail has more than one misspelling, or inappropriate use of our language, could you highlight the message in red so we can overlook it? It is obvious that the recent spate of letters from DW and his supporters are a direct result of their inability to communicate with any of their own kind. My computer has auto spell-check. Do you think they are so incompetent as to NOT know what those squiggly lines under their words mean.

I looked for a way to communicate with your opponent during the race and couldn't find one. Dwayne told us he is always available on his Cell phone 24/7 but he forgot to let us know what the # is. This frustration I feel must also be welling up in the throats of those loyal Republicans who voted, against all sound rationale, for the "Anointed One." They have no where else to spew. Please keep their channels open. We can all witness their demise together. Their eventual numbed silence will be the most refreshing noise I can imagine.

I am eagerly investigating a national news source to investigate your (our) situation. People outside Brown County can't believe what is happening to our nation. Reinforcements may well be on the way here. The Republican hierarchy, receiving a true comeuppance nationally, is more than likely wanting to hear of this smear on their reputation. This is exactly the problem the recent 'losers' will want to address and make an example of. Once the few ethical people in the upper echelons (there must be a few remaining) hear about this, maybe they will respond. A bit of fire held to their feet may help.

Mike, what do you think?

Chuck Krainz

Answer:  Thanks, Chuck. 

Tue 11/11/2008 4:09 PM:

Comment:  Been reading your updates, some of those people are really evil.... If you go to a surgeon don't you want to make sure his license is legit? The Happy Voter is not happy, he is just lying to himself.  A lost soul.  Marcia

Answer:  Thanks for your mail, Marcia.  Most people don't want truth today.  They would rather stick their head in the sand, and hope evil will clear up by itself, without their involvement in getting it done. 

Tue 11/11/2008 4:59 PM:

Comment:  Been reading your posts for a long time, some interesting, some thought-provoking, and some downright stupid. If I were you, I would just ignore "Happy Voter" since you cannot say or do anything to satisfy him. He is doing everything in his power to yank your chain. You and I and many others know the truth and someday, hopefully in the near future, everyone will know the truth about the "sheriff". In the meantime, tell happy voter to kiss your happy ass.


Answer:  Thanks, Ken.  Found out today that Happy is very concerned about falling down and breaking his hip, and also worried about what I am doing, with the same or more concern.  If it weren't for his son, he probably would not be writing e-mail at all.  At least his communications are helping to keep his mind "sharp," his own way.  

Me.  I'm just waiting now to hear back from the 12th District Court of Appeals, for their answer on our Motion to Reconsider, or, first see a Reply from the prosecutor's office to our motion.  If, in the end, they find Mr. Wenninger's status is "OK," that will set brand new precedent over years of settled law, and probably give many other peace officers in Ohio, whose certificates have lapsed, legitimate causes of action to be reinstated by OPOTC.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  Maybe Mr. Wenninger's situation will change settled law, so that unqualified candidates who get voted into office will not have to become qualified anymore to hold any position.  It will be interesting to see how many positions in government will then become open to all citizens, like say, the Engineer's Office.  Potential candidates will no longer need a professional engineer's and surveyor's license to run for that position in the future.  The "slippery slope" starts here in Brown County, Ohio.  And Americans thought California set precedents first!  Step aside for Brown County, Ohio, Arnold! 

Wed 11/12/2008 2:52 AM:

Comment:  Dennis: I better understand the case now...I read about it a little on your web site a day or two before the election (after I received your email) Interesting case...

I don't know if you heard anything about it up there, but our former Sheriff was just sentenced to 15 years for basically Gambling, extortion, money laundering and a host of other misdeeds. The state legislature approved video poker machines several years ago,,,for amusement only!!! As things happen and big dollars before involved there became under the table "winnings" paid, hush money, money here and a few dollars there to call before a raid or to just look the other way, etc...I'm sure you have read the Cliff's Notes on these cases.

Anyway, Several local Sheriff's were investigated for a long time...finally took down the Buncombe County Sheriffs, several of his Captains, several other local LE types and the owners of the "amusement company."

Phil in Baghdad

Answer:  Thanks for your mail, Phil.  Sooner or later all the "chickens come home to roost."  There are a lot of allegations flying around up here too, with respect to many "shady" things that supposedly have gone on with foreclosure sales [with fixed paper trails], missing marijuana seizures/eradications, etc., you name it, there is a huge amount of scuttlebutt and information now flowing in after this most recent election.  My educated guess is that there will be a lot of individuals who will eventually end up where they never thought they'd ever find themselves, sitting in Lebanon, Chillicothe, or Marion.  It's only a matter of time now.  "It all comes out in the wash."  Any officer anywhere involved in criminal activity, directly or as an accomplice, deserves prison time at the very least, since they are entrusted by the general public to uphold the laws they have deliberately chosen to violate.  It is going to be interesting, to say the least.  Remember the evidence rooms. 

Wow!  15 years for taking gambling money pay-offs.  What do you think the sentence would be if Sheriff Medford was taking cover money for drug king pins?  He probably would have gotten life out of that, don't you think?  Ex-Sheriff Medford will be 77 years old by the time he gets out, that is, if he is still alive long enough to get out, after he's in prison a while.  If he takes enough KY-Jel with him, maybe he'll make it to his parole time, but I doubt it.  An old buddy of mine, now deceased, Bill Slone, was a prison guard at Lucasville for over 20 years.  Crooked cops don't fare too well in prison, from some of the stories Bill told me.  Even inmates hate crooked cops, probably more so than the general public despises them. 

Wed 11/12/2008 9:13 PM:

Comment:  ????? Whatever tailgunner...Change your ragged website to "The Varno Answer Zone". You are WAY WAY off on the "HIP" thing ? I am satisfied you will never answer a question put to you without turning it into D.W. or some other rant. Your gutless tailgunner. You have proved you should NEVER hold an elected office. Your [sic] like a little child..point your finger "Not me...He did this teacher ! You only want to answer and talk to people who agree with you...right TAILGUNNER ???? Yeah...your really a tuff guy we need alright !  Happy Voter

Answer:  Thanks, Happy. 

Thu 11/13/2008 1:11 PM:

Comment:  I think Happy has gone of the deep end. What does he mean gutless? Gutless is the one who intimidates women to suppress votes. Gutless is the sorry ass who drained the oil and shot up the billboard. Between the name-calling and the third grade level spelling I think it shows how mentally challenged Happy must really be. If one was to think about it DW himself has a childish attitude and way of life. He hides from the truth and will cheat and do anything to win. Why is Happy so scared of the facts?

When the truth comes out and the sealed case opened will Happy admit he/she was wrong? By what I have witnessed on the site someone will probably have to read it to him/her.  Scott

Answer:  Thanks for your mail, Scott. 

Thu 11/13/2008 4:30 PM:

Question:  I am not into political stuff and really dont understand or really care to. I was babysitting today and this was on my stepdad computer. I have herd about this for 6months and no ofence am tired of it. I was getting on myspace and when i seen your stuff about the other sheriff going to jail I thought I could give you some names and deals hapening all the time. My ex told me he is in and the county cop sherifs leave him alone. How can i talk to you confidencialy mr Dennis? I do not want no one to know who i am. I dont know of payphones anymore. I will be hear at the computer everyday this week. My stepdad kept telling me I should vote for you because of my ex and all his friends doing stuff all the time. No ofence but i got sick of hearing about the election everytime i came hear. Please answer me how to reach you confidecialy on the computer I have bunchs of names from hear and in kentucky.

River Girl

Answer:  Thank you for your mail, River Girl.  The best thing to do is not to call me, but to call the FBI at: 1-513-421-4310, or the Ohio Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification Tip Line at: 1-800-282-3784, and tell them what you think is the important information you know.  They will take your information and keep it confidential as to who called them with the information.  Call either of those two offices only.  DO NOT call anyone else but those two numbers only. 

Thu 11/13/2008 5:44 PM:

Question:  What do you think the age is of Happy Voter? He (she) is either very young or needs to take a grammar class.


Answer:  Thank you, Diane.  Someone told me that Mr. Happy Voter is in his upper 60's to low 70's, and worries constantly about not breaking his hip.  This comes from "grapevine" information that actually put a name to Mr. Happy Voter. 


On November 17, 2008, the Brown County Prosecutor Office Assistant Prosecutor Mary McMullen filed a memorandum in opposition to my motion to reconsider the 12th District Court of Appeal decision handed down on October 29th, 2008.  That decision did not take into consideration a recent Ohio Supreme Court decision that essentially said that a court cannot deny a writ of mandamus request based upon the reasoning that there may be a remedy for the applicant in the future.  Who knows what can happen between the time a writ of mandamus should be granted and what will happen months later.  "Justice delayed is justice denied," is a basic maxim that any judge sitting on any court should know by rote memory.

The problem is that a writ of quo warranto is not an available remedy for my situation.  I lost the election.  If Mr. Wenninger is found to not have been eligible, then a special election would have to be held to determine who would be sheriff.  A quo warranto action would not be an available remedy for me under the facts.  Actually Captain Don Newman should have been the Republican candidate, because Mr. Wenninger was just as ineligible to be a candidate in the primary election. 

So, not guessing what the 12th District Appeals Court will decide, because that is impossible to determine, they can remand the case back to the Common Pleas Court, in which case that court can grant the writ or "find" another reason to deny it, in which case it will go back to the 12th District again.  I'm not sure if the 12th District can grant the writ, but whatever happens, there is always the Ohio Supreme Court as a second-last stage of appeal, with the U.S. Supreme Court as a final resort.  The U.S. Supreme Court just might grant certiorari to hear the case, because the facts present in this case have never happened anywhere in our country ever.  It is what is called a "case of first impression."  That just might be significant enough to get certiorari. 

If my protest material is ever legitimately considered by a court of competent jurisdiction, and they overturn decades of election laws to find Mr. Wenninger a valid, legal sheriff, with a valid OPOTC certificate, you will be seeing a lot of police officers whose certificates also have "expired" within the last eight years come out of the woodwork.  Their certificates will arguably then be just as valid as Mr. Wenninger's at that time.  It will be interesting to follow the courts and their final decision, because it is like a big Catch-22, legally speaking, for the courts and OPOTC.  If they make an exception for one, all who fit within the boundary conditions of any legal judgment will then have valid causes of action to secure their "expired" OPOTC certificates as also being just as current and legally valid as his. 

Tue 11/25/2008 1:57 PM:

Question/Comment:  Thank you for exposing the truth and hanging in there. I do not know what we can do now except wait for the courts. The letter in the paper last week about you just wanting your way was pathetic. When costs to tax-payers is mentioned about the special election, did she not think of the costs to Brown County due to D.W.'s reckless behavior ending up in unnecessary lawsuit settlements. How about the deaths that could have maybe been prevented had police officers been allowed to respond to heart attack emergencies?

It is clear that Obama and Wenninger appear to have a lot in common these days.  Both are not qualified to be candidates for the public offices they seek.


Answer:  Thanks again for the mail, Scott.  The 12th District Court of Appeals received the Board of Election reply to our motion to reconsider on November 17th.  So, some sort of an answer should appear soon, possibly this week.  You are correct with respect to the similarity between Mr. Wenninger and Senator Obama.  Obama's lack of citizenship credential required to be an eligible candidate is exactly the same problem as Mr. Wenninger's lack of educational credentials.  It will be interesting to see what is done with Obama's situation and how that plays out in the Supreme Court in January.  If they find that he was born in Kenya, but that such lack of constitutionally required credentials does not matter, in other words, the Constitution's requirement that he be a "natural born" citizen doesn't matter, then candidacy requirements will mean nothing as long as any candidate can obfuscate any issue long enough with the help of others to become elected by a majority of the electorate.  Candidate eligibility requirements will mean nothing at all, and decades of election laws will become instantly meaningless if either candidate is found to be legitimately eligible. 

What many fail to understand is that these issues present in both cases are a matter of upholding the laws of our land more than who is elected in an election.  If the laws mean nothing, then why have them on the books for all others following them except those who fail to keep them.  What kind of personal character is present in an individual who wants to be something he/she isn't, because he/she did not take the time and trouble to obtain the necessary credentials required to be a legitimate candidate?  What kind of individuals would back someone who follows that path into something totally undeserved by the individual who illegally obtained something he/she does not deserve to possess? 

Mon 12/1/08 9:48 PM:


American teenagers lie, steal and cheat more at "alarming rates," a study of nearly 30,000 high school students concluded Monday.

The attitudes and conduct of some 29,760 high school students across the United States "doesn't bode well for the future when these youngsters become the next generation's politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals," the non-profit Josephson Institute said.

In its 2008 Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, the Los Angeles-based organization said the teenagers' responses to questions about lying, stealing and cheating "reveals entrenched habits of dishonesty for the workforce of the future."

Boys were found to lie and steal more than girls.

Comment:  They just finding this out!  It's been going on in our county at least as far back as 2001.  Where has the media been all this time. 

Tue 12/2/2008 10:09 AM:

Comment/Question:  Read your latest "excerpt" and "comment" and found it interesting that you emphasized in boldface type only "politicians and...cops" as your areas of concern regarding the the future career choices for the next generation. You obviously don't consider the roles of "parents, corporate executives, journalists and generals" important. However, you've never been a parent, corporate executive, journalist or general, have you - only a politician and a cop? The article you copied states that students attending religious schools have a higher rate of cheating on exams than those attending non-religious schools. I find it interesting that your political brochure notes you attended Moeller Catholic High School and wonder if that's why you didn't excerpt that section of the article. Any significance there? Your excerpt also references "stealing" and, in case you didn't notice, you "excerpted" from an article copyrighted by AFP which prohibits any publication, rewriting, broadcasting or redistribution directly or indirectly in any medium. How does that differ from "stealing"?  Anonymous

Answer:  Thanks for your question and input, Anonymous.  Please go to Google, search for "fair use exception copyright," and do some reading to expand your educational experience.  Then realize that this excerpt directly pertains to much, if not most, of the subject matter content on my website, that of "cheating" or "stealing" to obtain something that is not legally possessed.  Also notice that I only took an excerpt, but posted the hyperlink, so I would not distribute the whole article as is, but gave you the opportunity to go see for yourself what the rest of the article contained.  The part I excerpted is used to demonstrate or instruct that what this author has "discovered" is something that has been going on in our county approximately eight years prior to his publication, by a politician who happens to be a "cop" in our county. 

I can't remember cheating on any exam or test while at Moeller, but I did flunk religion class in my Sophomore year.  It's the only subject throughout my whole schooling career that I ever got an "F."  Then after getting back from Vietnam, and presented some truth from the Bible, I found that the religion I was brought up in was way off base with respect to what is contained in that Book, as in, the two did not match up at all, unless one happens to believe he/she is an Old Testament Jew, doing Jewish things, thinking that such is going to get him/her to heaven today.  When I opted for the truth over emotional family ties, it was hard, but forever in hell is a pretty big motivator to toss family ties to the wind after taking time to think about eternity for a while. 

Nevertheless, from what you have written, I find it interesting that you seem to abhor cheating and stealing yourself?  If that is the case, would you support one who would cheat or hide his lack of qualifications to be a candidate for public office in order to steal a position for which he was not qualified, and then proceed to waste taxpayer money in settlements over lawsuits that should have never happened?

Tue 12/2/2008 12:45 PM:

Question/Comment:  Thank you for your response to my comment regarding the article you excerpted. I don't need to "go to Google, search for fair use exception copyright" and, as you suggest, expand my educational experience. I understand that fair use of anyone else's work product must meet the four-factor test, is often impossible to quantify, and that fact-based works receive less protection. However, even use of fact-based work is not made "fair" by giving the author (the hyperlink) credit. Fair use favors criticism, teaching, scholarship and research, but these uses are not automatically deemed 'fair use'. In your words, you used the excerpt "to demonstrate or instruct", but I don't believe this would meet the "teaching or scholarship" standard of one of the four-factor requirements. Even a portion "excerpted", if it contains the heart of the work (and your excerpt does), can constitute copyright infringement. Another factor to consider is whether the use is 'commercial' in nature.  This is a self-serving website used as a platform to promote your candidacy for elected office (commercial?) and to bring forth your allegations of "cheating" and "stealing" on the part of your opponent. I have to admire, however, your ability to take anything printed or spoken and twist it to serve your purposes. And why mention the Old Testament Jews doing Jewish things? Is this another prejudice?  Anonymous

Answer:  Thanks again for your input, Anonymous.  It's good that you did not have to waste any time looking that fair use exception material up.  You have as good a grasp on it as any well-seasoned, older journalist or attorney.  That's good.  That leaves more time for you to put forth some effort on becoming familiar with Mr. Wenninger's lack of qualifications, and how he did not meet the requirements to be a valid candidate in 2001.  Once you get a good grasp on that, equivalent in degree to your knowledge of the fair use exception, maybe then you will be able to understand how the "cheating" and "stealing" fits into the story. 

I'm wondering what it is on my "self-serving website" that has perked your interest for you to spend your time reading it.  Thank you, anyway, for that interest, attention, and concern, that I do not break any laws, according to your "beliefs."  It is refreshing to get mail from others who also hate seeing laws broken and nothing done about it by those whose job it is to do something, that is, assuming they do their job by not getting Rule 29'd out of court. 

How did the topic of "prejudice" conjure up in your mind with respect to Jews?  I have absolutely nothing against any Jew.  Do you?  If it were not for the Jews, I would never have had the opportunity to come to the knowledge of the truth.  You know, the Oracles. 

What are the "purposes" of my "twistings" from your perspective?   Please explain?

Tue 12/2/2008 10:19 PM:

Question/Comment:  Again, thanks for your response. You're correct in that I didn't have to waste any time researching 'fair use exemption' and I don't have to waste any time becoming familiar with Mr. Wenninger's lack of qualifications either. I know he did not meet the requirements to be a valid candidate in 2001, but, by the time anyone researched that aspect, the statute had run on that issue. The remaining issue, a felony on which the clock was still running, was 'did he KNOWINGLY falsify' his documentation attesting to his qualifications? During his trial, the State satisfied the Court that Wenninger was not qualified, and the Judge (without the jury present) denied Wenninger's motion to dismiss the charges. Something to consider is that if the judge had dismissed the charge, the jury would have gone home as they'd have had nothing to decide. The jury was brought back into the courtroom and told to decide if Wenninger KNEW he wasn't qualified when he signed his candidacy paperwork.  The jury gave him a pass. Since then, one juror stated he thought Wenninger couldn't have KNOWN he wasn't qualified, because he wasn't smart enough to think up a plan like that. But that's what happens with a jury - you just never know what you'll get. However, that point is now moot. Your hopes to unseat Wenninger will now have to rest with your mandamus action.

You see, I do have a "good grasp" on that issue, so don't insult me by insinuating I don't see clearly how you imagine the 'cheating' and 'stealing' fits into your story. The "twistings" to serve your purpose are exemplified by the fact that you can manipulate an article about school-age teens' cheating, stealing and/or lying and claim it validates the position you've taken regarding Wenninger.

I, too, have nothing against any Jew, but I take exception to your statement that "an Old Testament Jew, doing Jewish things, THINK such is going to get him/her to heaven today." Do you believe 'doing Jewish things' won't get them to heaven? I am no longer a Judaist, but admire those who have kept their faith in the face of such adversity.  Anonymous

Answer:  Thanks again, Anonymous.  You remind me of someone I know whose daughter and son-in-law are allegedly known to be involved in dope smoking and dealing.  I wonder, as others I know wonder no more, just who "Anonymous" is, hiding behind cyberspace. 

In any event, you're probably not her anyway.  The person I know would not be so ignorant as to divulge so much detailed information to make an instant identification possible, like that used to disclose the Uni-Bomber's identity.  To answer your question, however, doing Jewish things today will not get a Jew or Catholic to heaven.  Won't happen, according to the Bible.  Jews specifically reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah, God manifest in the flesh, and thus, are as lost as any other religionist practicing and placing his/her faith in his/her religion today.  There is no salvation today outside of complete faith and trust in what He did for everyone on that cross - dying for all men's [and women] sins.  Moslems keep their faith in the face of adversity, do you admire them too?  The point is, what is one's faith place in, not how well they "keep the faith." 

That eccentric older lady rejects outright the Bible as nothing more than literature, thinks all Jews are unqualifiedly going to heaven, and said she would like to see my political opponent "burn in hell."  Now.  Does that sound like a person whose destination is heaven?  Such person is filled with so much hate, it overflows profusely on everything breathing within her household.  The beauty in all of this is that the truth will prevail in the end.  A quick read of Proverbs chapter one clearly describes what awaits her fate - everlasting fire and torment, FOREVER!  And, being mocked and laughed at on the way down, by God Himself.  Imagine that!  Is such consummate hate, directed at one person, from within her heart, worth an eternity in hell?  People like this just tell you they don't believe in hell.  Okay.  That's fine.  No skin off my back.  To each his own belief.  I can only answer up for myself in the end.  You many not agree with what I have said, Anonymous, but that is your choice too.  I can live with that; am glad you have chosen your own way; and, won't lose any sleep over it.  Will you? 

Wed 12/3/2008 7:55 AM:

Question/Comment:  Thanks again for your enlightened response. Referring to me as "her" demonstrates your heightened investigative skills. Unless there's been a gender change that both my wife and I have missed, you're off-base. The 'detailed information' you mention I 'divulged' must be in reference to Mr. Wenninger's qualifications. You asked me to get a "grasp" on the issue and I assured you I already had one. The 'detailed information' is a regurgitation of information supplied and sermonized by none other than you, coupled with information I got by speaking with others who seem more informed than you.

Your response affirmed that you harbor prejudices, and indeed hatred, against any religious beliefs (Jews, Moselems, [sic] etc.) other than those held by you. What about race? If you're not careful, that kind of narrow-mindedness, that kind of seething hatred, will mold your perceptions of everything and everyone. This can be dangerous in law enforcement.

You direct a lot of that hatred toward the older lady you reference in your response, making what appears to be threats against her children based on what is "allegedly known". The more I learn about you through this website, the more grateful I am for your defeat - like Happy Voter. I wish I'd found it sooner.

You ask, will I lose sleep over my chosen way? No. My God is benevolent and forgiving - my God loves, rather than hates. My God encourages me to see good in people. My Pastor welcomed me without condemning my former beliefs and showed me that life is to be embraced. If you find a spiritual leader like this, maybe you'd feel better about yourself.

Answer:  You're the MAN, Anonymous.  I don't think there is any question about "who wears the pants" in your family.  Thanks for helping me out in so many ways.  I'm glad my website helped you come to some solid conclusions you can live with in your life.  I'm also glad that the election worked out the way that makes you completely happy inside.   The people got what they wanted.  I can definitely live with that.  The law, nevertheless, still needs to be upheld, so that Captain Don Newman can run unopposed in the special election after my court case is finally complete. 

Anonymous, you automatically assume way too much when it comes to defining my "hatred" and "threats," just because I may disagree with you or anyone else over some issue, particularly religious issues it seems, which you then immediately translate into race issues, etc.  Every time I state some facts about something, whatever it may concern, you instantly assume that I hate or am threatening someone or something.  It seems more like that is what you "want," or "wish" I would do, than what actually exists in my heart, as evidenced by you coming back again and again, to make the point, WHICH IS?  I must be missing something, or is there another point you'd like to make about me that you dislike?  From your perspective, I "hate," "threaten," am "bad," "narrow-minded," "prejudiced," "dangerous," etc.  What more, if any, other of my supposed character traits do you wish to bring to everyone's attention?  I've posted your views for everyone to read.  What else would you like to say?  Please let me know.  I'll post that too for everyone to read. 

You sound somewhat paranoid, in my opinion, for some unknown reason.  

Wed 12/3/2008 12:33 PM:

Comment:  Can't imagine why you're thanking me "for helping you out in so many ways," when I never had any intention of doing so. Further, your website has not provided me with any "solid conclusions" we can live with in my life, so you can disabuse yourself of that thought.

What I call your hatred and threats, others call insanity. In answer to the "WHICH IS?" question you posed - my point is you are not the type of person the county needs in law enforcement. Period. I notice that you can't help placing and editorial (sic) at other's typos, etc. but never give anyone to chance to correct your grammar, etc. This indicates a need on your part to feel intellectually superior to others. My wife is a teacher and suggested she "grade" your work and send it back.

At any rate, this has ceased to be fun - you're too easy and not mentally stimulated enough for good conversation. Good bye.  Anonymous

Answer:  Bye, bye. 

Are candidate legal qualifications necessary to be a valid candidate for public office?

Are we still a nation of laws, or has politics completely trumped the US Constitution [Re: Obama (D)] and Ohio Election Laws [Re: Wenninger (R)]?